Benefit of CCTV Jakarta Solution

We are CCTV Jakarta Solution provider established since 1987 and are capable of supporting Avtech HD CCTV, HikVision HD CCTV, Dahua HD CCTV, Samsung CCTV, Panasonic CCTV and many others.

Our CCTV Jakarta solution is reliable for both home and office for 24-hrs monitoring. Furthermore, our users can view live footage through his/her mobile phone anywhere and anytime.


CCTV Jakarta Solution

Monitoring of Child and Eldery
Nowsdays, both parents are working full time and leaving the domestic helper to taking care of the child and elderly at home. However, there are many reported that yound kids and old folks being mistreated.

Monitoring of Child
Our CCTV Jakarta Solutions are suitable for monitoring the child while he/she is at home. You may know what are they doing at home, whether they are watch TV programme or doing home work.

Monitoring of Eldery
We are facing aging population like many countries. With our CCTV Jakarta Solutions, you will be able to view your elderly through mobile phone to ensure that the domestic helper is properly taking care of them.