CCTV Jakarta Door Access System

Established since 2003,we have been focusing on door access system. Most office needs a proper door access system and time attendance system.

Typically, the door access control system consists of
a) Door access control
b) Release button,
c) Emergent break glass,
d) Electro-Magnetic Lock (EM lock)
e) power supply with back up battery

There are many type of door access control system such as Pin Code, Card, Fingerprint, Facial.
Option 1 – Pin Code
The simple and economic type of door access control system is Pin Code. You just need to remember the pin number in order to get authorize.
Option 2 – Card
It is almost like Pin Code System. However, you need to have a RFID Card to get access.
Option 3 – Fingerprint
This option becomes popular nowsaday, where you do not require remember Pin Code or RFID Card. Simply put your fingerprint to get access.
Option 4 – Facial
The price of facial access system still consider a bit high. Typically, it will be used for Time Attendance System as well as door access system.


$480 Package include installation