CCTV Jakarta Today

Todays, you will find security cctv cameras has been deployed in many places. It is useful to view back and what was the incidents as well as how it happened. In addtional, the cctv video footage can be filed as an evident. Nowsaday, the cctv video footages are uploaded to to YouTube channels, these helps viewers to aware of the past incidents and also to develop awareness of the dangerous thing might happen if you are not careful enough. For example, how robbery did and causes harm, fire explosion happen and etc.

Why you need a CCTV?

When people know that there is a security cctv cameras installed and they are being watched, he/she will be deterred from doing wrong. In another word, you can increase security with minimal effort as prevention is better than regret.

How to choose a CCTV camera?

This is a very gerneral question.
Firstly, you need to know what and where you want to monitor.
Office CCTV
Warehouse CCTV
Typically, for home CCTV and Office CCTV, the camera type should be Indoor CCTV camera with Infrared for Night time ( Black and White Video Footage). If you wnat to monitor a outdoor envinment, you need to get Outdoor CCTV camera. For example, viewing the gate, explose to rain, and etc.

For Warehouse CCTV, the camera type should be Outdoor CCTV with strong Infrared for Night time ( Black and White Video Footage ) because the viewing distance is longer. Otherwise, in total darkness, you hardly see anything. Of course, if you have more budget, you might need a vandalproof Outdoor CCTV camera.

Secondly, you need to know how long the footage you wish to keep.
Typically, we recommend.
4 CCTV Cameras with 1 Terabtyes.
8 CCTV cameras for 2 Terabytes.
16 CCTV cameras for 4 Terabytes.
Of course, if you need longer recording footage, you need to get more harddisk.

We hope we had provide sufficent information for you to select a suitable security CCTV camera solution.

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